Monday, July 29, 2013

Last year we began teaching blends the second semester.
It was difficult to find activities that the children would enjoy.
We worked on making these units for blends this summer.
First Graders would be able to use these the first semester.
Unit One 
Unit Two 
 Unit Three
 Unit Four
 Unit Five 

Each unit has 8 activities.  
Pocket chart activities,
Phonic slides,
Center Cards,
Portable Word Walls
Read, Glue, Write,
Blend Sorts,
Beginning Blend Match,
Art Activities

We have a couple of weeks before we need to get 
back in our classrooms.  We are trying to enjoy
the rest of our summer.  Hope everyone is taking
it easy before the rush starts!

Just in time for Back To School!  
Backpack Unit is on sale now at TPT!
Starts Aug. 1st!